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Day 3 Self Portrait Challenge

I was nominated by Joyce Peng to do a 7-day self-portrait challenge: 7 days, 7 self-portraits, and 7 nominations to keep this going with other artists/photographers.  I invite Miles Chu to take the time to extend the fun.

I put a small twist to this challenge as well.  I will be composing self-portraits through the viewfinders of different cameras.

Today, I am viewing through my 1960s Halina A1 TLR.  It is the only TLR that is produced in Hong Kong that I know of.  The viewfinder is dark and without split screen, this makes it tough to focus.  In the photo, I am holding a Seagull 4A-103 TLR from 1981.

Photo taken with Sony RX100II.

Viewing through Halina A1 TLR
Viewing through Halina A1 TLR

Seagull and Shanghai GP3

It was a sunny day during Gordon, Vicky and Cailey’s photo shoot.  Ever since I got my Zeiss Ikonta B 532/16, I have been neglecting my Seagull TLR.  Here are a couple of shots from the shoot, Seagull 4A-103 TLR + Shanghai GP3 film.  Developed stand, Rodinal 1:100 for 1.25 hours, inversion first two minutes, then one turn every 30 minutes.  Fixed with Kodak Rapid Fix, scanned with Epson Perfection V700.

Looking cute!
Looking cute!
Cailey hiding behind mom.
Cailey hiding behind mom.  There is a very 1960s feel to this photo!

Honestly, not too happy with the grain size, perhaps it’s time to go back to D76! Always hit and miss with these shanghai film.