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Day 3 Self Portrait Challenge

I was nominated by Joyce Peng to do a 7-day self-portrait challenge: 7 days, 7 self-portraits, and 7 nominations to keep this going with other artists/photographers.  I invite Miles Chu to take the time to extend the fun.

I put a small twist to this challenge as well.  I will be composing self-portraits through the viewfinders of different cameras.

Today, I am viewing through my 1960s Halina A1 TLR.  It is the only TLR that is produced in Hong Kong that I know of.  The viewfinder is dark and without split screen, this makes it tough to focus.  In the photo, I am holding a Seagull 4A-103 TLR from 1981.

Photo taken with Sony RX100II.

Viewing through Halina A1 TLR
Viewing through Halina A1 TLR