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Day 1 Self Portrait Challenge

I was nominated by Joyce Peng to do a 7-day self-portrait challenge: 7 days, 7 self-portraits, and 7 nominations to keep this going with other artists/photographers.  I invite Cheung Billy Ka Ming to take the time to extend the fun.

I put a small twist to this challenge as well.  I will be composing self-portraits through the viewfinders of different cameras.

Today, I am viewing through my 1921 Kodak 2D 8×10 camera with Goerz Dagor 300mm f6.8 lens.  Yes, it’s upside down and reversed from left to right!  Beside me is a Burke & James 8×10 Grover with a Fujinon 400mm f8 lens.  The year of make of the camera is unknown but these cameras were made from the 1940s-60s.

Photo taken with Sony RX100II.

8x10 focus glass of Kodak 2D camera.
8×10 focus glass of Kodak 2D camera.

Basil the Westie

Basil the westie is a happy and friendly dog and always bring joy to me whenever I see him.  After a recent dinner gathering with his owner Natasha Hsieh, we decided to head back to our home studio and take some portraits.  Basil was a superb model and here are some highlights of that shoot.

I was trying to teach Basil how to operate the  Kodak 2D and he got the hang of it quite quickly.  Photo below entitled: “His master’s visage”.

Canon 5D3, Sigma 35mm f1.4
Taken with: Canon 5D3, Sigma 35mm f1.4


Canon 5D3, Sigma 35mm f1.4
Canon 5D3, Sigma 35mm f1.4


Basil checking out my work.
Basil checking out my work.

Rick Portrait Shoot

Finally took my umbrellas out of their boxes and setup some lights at home.  Rick was visiting and took the chance for a portrait sitting.  I tried several setups and ended up with two lights.  One from the left back with diffuser at 45deg and one in the front with diffuser at about 45deg from the left.  A reflector is also placed around waist level.  Here is one from the shoot.

Portrait of Rick
Portrait of Rick


Shot with Burke & James Grover 8×10, Fujinon 400mm f8 lens, Kodak Ektascan B/RA film.  Developed in Kodak d76.  Scanned with Epson Perfection V700.  Even though the Fujinon 400mm lens was meant to be used with 5×7, as seen here, at f8, the image circle is big enough for use with 8×10.  The lights used are a pair of Yongnuo YN565EXII and a pair of YN622 and YN622TX triggers.


First 8×10 Portraits

Six months ago, I did some test shots with my Burke & James Grover 8×10.  I finally got them developed and scanned recently.  With a couple of flashes and remote (without any diffusion), I shot a few portraits when my friends Norris and Fiona were visiting.  Here is the result.

Burke & James Grover 8x10 Portrait
Burke & James Grover 8×10 Portrait

I used Kodak Ektascan B/RA x-ray film metered at ISO50.  Burke & James Grover 8×10 with Fujinon 250mm f6.3 lens.  Lighting setup with two Yongnuo YN560II flashes on two YN622C  and a YN622C-TX.  Developed with Kodak D76 1+1 20C for 10 minutes.  Scanned with Epson Perfection V700.

Lighting is harsh, this is due to the lack of deflectors (they were still being shipped from Asia at the time).  The harsh lighting reminded me a bit of a prom shoot would of looked like in the 1960-70s.  Nevertheless a decent shot for first trials.


Kodak Ektascan B/RA Reciprocity Test

I never shot Kodak Ektascan B/RA xray film at night.  There were also no information online regarding the reciprocity of this film.  This film is normally used for health x-ray applications and there is no need to worry about long exposure.  I decided to do a test shot.  Shanghai and TriX has terrible reciprocity characteristics.  For 1 minute exposure, I generally compensate it by 8x and it worked well.  I know Ektascan is probably equivalent if not worse, so I decided to try a 12x compensation for 1 minute metered exposure.

Here is the result.  Burke & James Grover 8×10, Fujinon 250mm f6.3 lens, developed in Kodak D76 1+1 10 mins and scanned with Epson Perfection V700.

12x compensation for 1 minute metered exposure
12x compensation for 1 minute metered exposure

It looks like a working combination.  I think it might be slightly over-exposed, perhaps I need to try one with 10x compensation.