8x10 focus glass of Kodak 2D camera.

Day 1 Self Portrait Challenge

I was nominated by Joyce Peng to do a 7-day self-portrait challenge: 7 days, 7 self-portraits, and 7 nominations to keep this going with other artists/photographers.  I invite Cheung Billy Ka Ming to take the time to extend the fun.

I put a small twist to this challenge as well.  I will be composing self-portraits through the viewfinders of different cameras.

Today, I am viewing through my 1921 Kodak 2D 8×10 camera with Goerz Dagor 300mm f6.8 lens.  Yes, it’s upside down and reversed from left to right!  Beside me is a Burke & James 8×10 Grover with a Fujinon 400mm f8 lens.  The year of make of the camera is unknown but these cameras were made from the 1940s-60s.

Photo taken with Sony RX100II.

8x10 focus glass of Kodak 2D camera.
8×10 focus glass of Kodak 2D camera.
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