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Interesting Polaroid Land 250 outdoor shoot

Just had dinner one summer night with Tung Tang, Peter Yen, Joseph Wei and myself near Soho.  After dinner, Tung and Peter were already armed with their Leicas + 50mm f1.0 lenses!  We strolled around Soho and we settled on a spot to shoot some photos.

I didn’t picked the proper equipment for the night shoot and I only had my Polaroid Land 250 with me.  It was loaded with a pack of FP100c.  I also brought a flash, an old Sunpak 411 flash which I think works perfect with the Polaroid cameras.  After a quick look in the area, we quickly settled a spot in front of an old door.  Joseph is the model.  Tung is the photographer.  Peter was taking some action shots and was holding two iphone LED lights on the right of the subject.  I was the flash light remote and stand.

Tung checking the lighting here.

Tung checking lighting.
Tung checking lighting. (Photo Courtesy of Peter Yen)

Here is the setup.

Human flash remote.
Human flash remote. (Photo Courtesy of Peter Yen)

Not shown on the above shot was Peter, who was holding two iphones with LEDs opposite of the flash. Here is the flow of the shot.  Tung will start the trigger.  I will hear a click, then I press the test fire button on the Sunpak flash.  Tung sees the flash and will let go of the trigger and completed the shot.  The whole process is very raw and manual.

To our surprise, the shot turned out quite nice.

Result FP100c photo.
Result from the FP100c photo.

It was a lot of fun and I look forward to more shoots!