Ayuchi at Sake Bar Ginn.

Day 3 – Black and white photo challenge

Day 3 of 5 of black and white photo challenge.  Each day I am trying to post a photo that is taken from a different camera and a different medium.  Today I picked a BW polaroid that I shot at the Sake Bar Ginn in Hong Kong a while back.  Ayuchi was working late as usual that night while I took the photo.  Photo taken with Mamiya Universal + 50mm f6.3 lens on Fuji FP3000b scanned with Doxie Flip.  When it comes to Polaroids, it wasn’t too hard to name my next challenger, Charlie Xia.  He has been the biggest ambassador for my Polaroids and we need more people like him to keep this alive!  So Charlie, I nominate you to the BW photo challenge, in which to post one BW photo per day for 5 days and also nominate someone each day because it’s fun.

Ayuchi at Sake Bar Ginn.
Ayuchi at Sake Bar Ginn.
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